Our blueprint for 50% growth in memberships

A great brand can face irrelevance by standing still while the world changes around it. AAA had tons of earned credibility and trust as a travel and roadside assistance resource, but lost its competitive edge in delivering the reason ‘why’…



Behaviors changed…

AAA used to be the only game in town for roadside assistance. Then everyone — including insurance companies and auto dealerships — began to offer the same services… for free.

Everyone looked and sounded exactly the same. AAA’s value prop was effectively erased.









The insight that changed the brief:

Initial brief objectives were based on boosting membership retention and gaining new members. But we needed to learn more… beginning with a consumer deep dive. What did they know and feel about the brand, what was their “why AAA?”

Consumer research told us all we needed to know. That they didn’t know. This changed everything…

Reframing the business problem:

REDEFINING THE VALUE of AAA Membership became the big opportunity. The truth was customers needed to better understand ‘why AAA?’

The new AAA Brand Idea:

Membership is a surprising & delightful value and offers more than you’d ever expect.

And, this little card is the key to myriad
experiences, services and savings.




The research-based campaign resulted in new membership sales exceeding goals. Retention goals were also met, year over year.

Nationwide, many other AAA clubs have picked up the campaign to build their business. Tracking response via special codes, one club exceeded its membership goal by over 3x.


Campaign Elements Included: Insight Research & Development  •  Creative Strategy •  Media Strategy •  Analytics  •  TV & Digital Advertising  •  Print  •  Outdoor


From our client… 

“The Origami campaign was a very creative way to shine a light on the many benefits beyond roadside assistance that make AAA Membership so valuable.

All channels working together helped
us exceed new sales goals and
reach retention goals.”

Sally Doran

Product Manager, Membership

AAA Club Alliance Inc