Every destination has its own attractions and amenities. So why do some many look and feel the same? Data intel led us to change the entire value proposition for the Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network. Rather than trumpet attractions, we delivered attracted visitors in record numbers with rich human experiences. A deep dive into the data uncovered the insight that travel decisions are driven largely by emotion. That led us to create a totally new brand character with a radically different brand voice. And the results were just as radical. • Seven in ten travelers indicated ads made Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky a more appealing destination
• The campaign drove 49,000 incremental visits and generated more than $30M in revenue (+35%)
• Overnight visits jumped 10% and length of stay increased by 22%
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Messaging became consistent in all service areas, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

A modernized logo built on the heritage and looked forward to the next 90 years.

A new tagline played off the brand’s product as well as customer insights, putting them in a position of strength for both internal and external communications.

Strength prevailed in a series of print ads praising the benefits of the brand’s superior products.