Mike's Carwash

Mike’s Carwash

We proved unlimited potential for brand growth for Mike’s Carwash with a strong message and savvy media placement.

The brand had a goal to double the number of customers buying monthly Unlimited Wash Plans. Sunrise devised an aggressive media plan including out-of-home ads, digital and broadcast radio, and strategic point-of-sale. The campaign exceeded all expectations and set the bar for even higher goals in the future.

Sales of Unlimited Wash Plans during a six-week promotion exceeded an aggressive client goal by 70% and more than quadrupled sales from the previous year.


Strategically placed out-of-home ads promoted the ultimate benefit of an Unlimited Wash Plan.

Customers were encouraged to consider Mike’s premium Unlimited Wash Plans as they pulled into the carwash.

We overhauled the media plan: shorter spot lengths, deeper buys for stronger reach, digital radio buys and better results.

Print ads generated record sales of Mike’s highly lucrative six-month Unlimited Wash Plans.

A 34-day social campaign reached 175K people (350K impressions) and garnered 3K website clicks with a 2% click-through rate.