Consumer Behaviors Are Changing

Strengthen customer relationships with Social Media

Through the entirety of the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies have stressed what they’re doing in order to combat the spread of the virus and showcase what they’re doing as a…

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Planning for Post COVID-19 Posting

Tips for managing the transition on social media

You’ve probably been bombarded with articles on how to manage your social media during COVID-19…but what about when the Stay-At-Home order is lifted? How does your brand shift back to…

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Monitoring Changes in the Marketing Landscape

Research findings on attitudes and media usage

Even though we’re all hunkering down in our homes, life continues to move at lightning speed as we all try to keep up with the latest news and business updates…

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Adjusting to the New Normal

Tips for working remotely

There’s no denying that these are unprecedented times. From school closures to shutting down all non-essential businesses, very few people on Earth, if any, have experienced anything quite like what’s…

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