File Types Explained

Print Our Guide and Never Wonder What’s What Again

Wait, what kind of file is this? We’ve all been there. Someone asks for a certain type of file, or sends you something you can’t open. Not anymore. Find out…

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Social Media Cranks Up Audio Content

Brands are making deeper connections through audio

When most people think of social media channels they think of sharing photos and videos. Whether it’s static photos, animated GIFs, live videos, or ephemeral content, most social content typically…

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The Growing Influence of Voice Search

New tech changes the way we listen to consumers

Why is audio suddenly so important? Podcasts. Music-streaming services. Radio. They all have one (and many) things in common – their rapid growth sheds light on the growing importance of…

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The beauty of branded entertainment

Have fun with your brand and consumers will, too.

Brands have personalities. Like the friends you choose, you want to hang out with brands that are fun and share similar interests. You want to spend time with them and,…

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