OTT is not TV

What you should know about how they watch

The television landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. New terms are being used to describe the many ways we consume video these days. Streaming, Binge-Watching, On-Demand, Connected…

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Brand Ambassadors vs Influencers

What’s the difference? And why it matters.

Influencers. It’s a buzz word we’ve all been hearing. Many well-known brands, from H&M to Sprint to Naked Juice, are incorporating it into their marketing strategy. According to a recent…

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How Does Your Brand Sound?

Sonic Branding is making noise with marketers.

All brands understand the importance of visual identity. Brand guidelines often dedicate multiple pages for the logo alone. But there is an equally important brand asset that is often overlooked…

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Restaurants Embrace Digital Touchpoints

Serving customer wants and needs on their terms.

If your restaurant hasn’t jumped on the digital train, what’s holding you back? Let me guess – you’re leery of losing control of the dining experience. Ordering by app, third…

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