Adjusting to the New Normal

Tips for working remotely

There’s no denying that these are unprecedented times. From school closures to shutting down all non-essential businesses, very few people on Earth, if any, have experienced anything quite like what’s…

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Brands Need to Shift Messaging Today

Demonstrate Genuine Care

As brands try to figure out how to navigate what’s before us, I can’t help but think about how differently brands need to act today versus what they’ve done during…

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OTT is not TV

What you should know about how they watch

The television landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. New terms are being used to describe the many ways we consume video these days. Streaming, Binge-Watching, On-Demand, Connected…

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Image Quality Matters

Ways to improve your social media photos

Many brands rely on social teams to capture organic images for posts on their platforms. Audience expectations and the nature of the social media have made less polished photography more…

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