Image Quality Matters

Ways to improve your social media photos

Many brands rely on social teams to capture organic images for posts on their platforms. Audience expectations and the nature of the social media have made less polished photography more…

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Brandience Super Bowl Picks 2020

Our team reviews the X’s and O’s of Advertising in last night’s game

The Brandience team offers quick takes on last night’s commercials. Read on to see which brands we think were winners… and why. Doritos® | The Cool Ranch feat. Lil Nas…

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Not Dead Yet!

Boomers still wield significant purchasing power

I was recently in a media presentation where they showed an image of “Baby Boomers” as two older, very gray adults. The only positive point of the image was at…

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File Types Explained

Print Our Guide and Never Wonder What’s What Again

Wait, what kind of file is this? We’ve all been there. Someone asks for a certain type of file, or sends you something you can’t open. Not anymore. Find out…

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