When will consumers return to dine-in restaurants?

Everyone and every business has been impacted by the pandemic. Restaurants across the country were forced to limit their service to delivery and drive thru or cease operations entirely. Many…

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The Ever-Changing World of Retail

5 things a retailer should consider to stay competitive

Growing up, a shopping trip to the mall was a much-anticipated event!  It meant hanging out with friends, trying on the latest fashions, and eating at the food court.  But…

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Consumer Behaviors Are Changing

Strengthen customer relationships with Social Media

Through the entirety of the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies have stressed what they’re doing in order to combat the spread of the virus and showcase what they’re doing as a…

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Planning for Post COVID-19 Posting

Tips for managing the transition on social media

You’ve probably been bombarded with articles on how to manage your social media during COVID-19…but what about when the Stay-At-Home order is lifted? How does your brand shift back to…

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