Bye-Bye Feeds, Hello Stories

Smart brands are using popular Instagram feature

Since Instagram Stories were introduced in 2016, they have been taking the social media world by storm. Instagram users are now snapping photos and taking videos and Boomerangs for their…

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Audio branding for the blind

New CABVI brand comes to life through sound

If you aren’t thinking about your audio brand, you may be missing a great opportunity to make your brand more memorable and meaningful. My last blog was about the recent…

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OTT is not TV

What you should know about how they watch

The television landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. New terms are being used to describe the many ways we consume video these days. Streaming, Binge-Watching, On-Demand, Connected…

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Brand Ambassadors vs Influencers

What’s the difference? And why it matters.

Influencers. It’s a buzz word we’ve all been hearing. Many well-known brands, from H&M to Sprint to Naked Juice, are incorporating it into their marketing strategy. According to a recent…

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