Big Data Delivers Big Opportunities

The Benefits Aren’t Limited to Big Companies

We have all seen and heard the term “big data” used in the media, by our business partners, by our co-workers, etc.  Chances are, if you ask 10 people what…

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Augmented Reality Check

How AR is enriching the retail brand experience

The impact of mobile marketing continues to grow. And with it comes new opportunities to connect with audiences in meaningful ways. Thanks to ever-emerging technologies, every communication now presents an…

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Social listening tips to cut through the chatter

Social Listening

The number of social media conversations happening at any given moment is massive, and it’s only increasing every day. In fact, Statista estimates that social media users around the world…

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The Power of Authenticity

How smart brands leverage User Generated Content

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would ever eat charcoal, I surely would have said no. So why am I so excited now, walking down the…

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