Smart Creative Requires Intelligence

Tim Hogan

VP, Executive Creative Director

Creative people often cringe at the "data" word. Data this, data that. Data, data, data. It’s not just a trendy marketing buzzword. It’s a building block we use to create bigger, bolder, more effective ideas.

Based on the right brain – left brain theories of old, you would expect creative types like me to run from the onslaught of data. Don’t squelch my creativity with numbers. Math sucks the life from people like me.

I’m happy to say that it’s a brand new world where data inspires us to explore new ideas and change outcomes. Our creative folks not only welcome the benefits of data. We embrace them with mind and soul. While other “right brainers” may feel constrained by data, we find it liberating.

Maybe that’s because we don’t look at data in raw form. We use what we call data intel. It requires a deep dive and analysis that often confirms an important brand truth or uncovers an actionable insight. That’s what gives data value.

When applied with empathy and insight, data intel opens new doors and frees our minds to explore more deeply. It’s this balance we strike between creativity and data that makes us unique. It’s part of our DNA, embedded in our methodology.

If your brand is data rich but you don’t have the time or energy to mine it, that’s where we come in. It’s our specialty and we thrive on intelligence.

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