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Maria Topken

VP, Client Leadership

Maria Topken, VP Client Leadership

Ever wished your agency contact had a better understanding of what life was like in your shoes? Then Maria just may be the person you’re looking for.

Maria has years of experience as both a client and agency leader. That dual-experience has helped her bring a broader perspective to how marketing can impact all aspects of a business. And, while she has worked with many businesses, she is particularly strong in retail, restaurants, financial and home service.

She is naturally curious, will ask brands the right questions and recognizes the need for flexibility and speed in today’s world. These traits have served her well when working with both corporate brands and franchised businesses. Some of her greatest successes have been in the areas of turning around problem stores/markets, entering new markets and competitive attack strategies.

Maria enjoys data and the insights that can be gleaned from them. She also loves to mentor people, both inside and outside of the agency. Recently she combined these two loves when she lead a group of students from the University of Cincinnati Center for Business Analytics in a client project.

She likes to share her opinions and has been published numerous times in industry publications. Outside of the rush of work, Maria likes reading/viewing crime cases (curiosity + data!) as well as spending time with her young grandson.


I believe in asking the tough questions up front, so we can get to the solution much quicker.

Maria Topken, VP Client Leadership
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