Part 2 of a 3 Part Series: How to gain a marketing advantage with Gen AI (and avoid the pitfalls)

Brian McHale

CEO and Owner

Overwhelming. This one word adequately describes the feeling many people have when they start looking into generative AI (gen AI) for the first time. Then the questions start. How do I integrate this into my company? What can I do to train my people? Which Gen AI tools are right for us?

In the first part of my three-part series on creating a responsible Gen AI framework for marketers, I outlined three pillars that are guiding us on our journey. The first is Best Practice which can be found here. The second and third pillars are Education and Tools.

Once we established our best practices, we turned our attention to educating our people on Gen AI. We’ve started by attending webinars and conferences focused on AI. This knowledge is then shared with the entire company to make the biggest impact on the organization; this is a critical point as you think about Gen AI and its uses across all disciplines.

The third pillar is Tools and this goes hand-in-hand with Education. Due to the sheer volume of new Gen AI tools being developed in real time, we’ve narrowed our focus to the most relevant tools for our business. This focus helps us with the “overwhelming” aspect of rapid tool development. It also allows us to dig deeper into the right tools for us, versus trying to have a small amount of knowledge across a broad spectrum of tools.

One of the other ways we’re educating ourselves on new tools is to regularly schedule sales demos of the latest Gen AI tools. Our people can see what’s available, hear about relevant use cases and understand the rapid evolution of the technology. Because we’ve already established the best practice piece of the puzzle, we have a way to begin to evaluate new tools before bringing them in and letting team members put hands on keyboards.

Now, you may be asking “who’s in charge of this at your company?” To make all of this happen, we’ve established an internal group we call the Brandience AI Hub. This is a cross-functional group of AI-interested people charged with determining the best educational content along with which tools we should focus on – that will be beneficial to our processes and ultimately to our clients. The Brandience AI Hub helps to decide the education plan, and they lead the vetting of new tools.

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